What is the Decentraland Roadmap ?


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Decentraland is an open-world, metaverse built on Ethereum blockchain. Its core purpose is to allow its users to explore the virtual world via its online platform. They can buy plots of land, commercial office space, and residential units. Recently, the Decentraland team published its 2022 roadmap in a blog post. The team will be focusing on a new Desktop client that supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and social and voice chat enhancements. The team also plans to launch a mobile application in 2022 that links NFTs with smart wearables and tokenized emotes. Decentraland is also developing an incubation program that will allow more community curators to join the team.

The roadmap for decentraland can be divided into four categories: Live, Soon and Next, Later.

  • Live: These features have been made available to Decentraland already.
  • Soon: These features are currently in development and will be live shortly.
  • Next: These features are next on the horizon.
  • Later: These features will be available at a later stage and are not considered to be a priority.

In this article, let’s take a look at the decentraland roadmap in these four categories.


World map features popular, trending LANDs

The new version of the world map now has featured and bookmarked locations, trending Lands, and a way to instantly teleport you favorite places in Genesis City.


World Map & Events

Full screen navigation map with scene selection, listed events, teleports, bookmarks and recent/popular/trending locations. Scene operators can set up events for players.

Decentraland Marketplace – Token Swapping and Fiat On-Ramps

Are you short on MANA to buy NFTs? Integrations with third-party suppliers in Decentraland has solved this issue.

  1. Swap your tokens and receive MANA in exchange
  2. Use your credit card to purchase MANA through third-party platforms

Improved lighting in the world Explorer

We can now add shadows to our rendering of Decentraland thanks to the stronger Unity3D engine. This helps everything stand out and makes it more visually appealing. The engine’s parameters are still being fine tuned by the team. As we adjust the way different materials are perceived and respond to the various lighting conditions, the art team works closely with engineers.

Detect overlaps of items or players with other items

Developers now have the ability to create trigger volumes. These are invisible areas that can be placed in a scene and will trigger custom code when a certain object or player overlaps. These are useful for creating many game mechanics as well as interactive experiences. They allow for a sliding door to open automatically when the player is near it.

Use basic map of places and teleport to target scene

Teleporting is the easiest way to get around Decentraland. This first iteration allows you to teleport to a specific scene by using a basic map interface.

Stream audio or video from select sources

The steaming of audio/video allows Decentraland to engage in many new ways, such as hosting virtual concerts or screenings of movies. Decentraland does not accept content from streaming platforms that do not provide content vetting in order to avoid copyright infringement.

Website Redesign

The Public Launch has finally opened the doors to Decentraland. To welcome new members to our community and the wider world, we will be changing how we communicate.

Decentralize the LAND smart contract

Smart contracts are a new technology that is crucial for Decentraland’s success and keeps the internal economy decentralized. Before the inclusion of smart contracts within larger frameworks such as ZeppelinOS and Aragon, the LAND smart contract was the first to be upgraded.

Decentraland has worked to find ways to keep the LAND smart contracts secure while decentralizing governance over changes. The team has been working with partners to find the right structure for a Decentraland ADAO that will protect the upgradeability of LAND.

Hold and View NFTs in your Inventory

Would you like to see all your crypto-collectibles listed in your avatar’s inventories? The team has always been excited about Decentraland’s potential to be a place for collectible items, wearables and premium virtual goods. This feature allows users to store, view and wear all supported, blockchain-based virtual goods.

Blockchain-based wearables for avatars

Wearable NFTs are a great way to give your avatar a unique look. You will eventually be able to sell your NFT wearable collections to other players.


Desktop Client

The development of a new Desktop client for Windows and Linux has begun. The launcher automatically updates the build and improves performance. The desktop client provides a more optimized experience, allowing you to use Decentraland from a wider variety of devices.

NFT Emotes

NFT emotes will add new moves to your avatar, so you can personalize it even more. You will also find your favorite emotes easier to access with a better user interface and shortcuts.

Linked Wearables

Your NFTs can be worn as Decentraland wearables. The DAO will now have a section for the backpack that relates to the DAO. This means linked NFTs can be worn inside Decentraland.

Better debug tools on SDK Preview

Over the last few months, the protocol has been significantly improved and optimized. The SDK is now the next step. This SDK includes the tools and libraries that are used to build in the real world. A new version is being developed by the team. It features backwards-compatible functionality, including out of box network synchronization (which can be difficult in a decentralized fashion), better network performance, and greater capabilities to allow for fluid experiences.



Voice Chat Improvements

Decentraland’s voice chat system is being improved. This is the most effective way to communicate with other people. Therefore, the team is working to give users more control over how they connect with other people, whether it be friends, guilds or teams. It is important to improve the communication between parties.

Chat and Friends improvement

  • UI and UX enhancements
  • Prepare the ground for group chats as well as private voice chat conversations
  • Support for emojis and copy + paste, Notifications

Improved SDK

Version 7.0.0 will be multiplayer-native and provide easy ways to share state across player. Scenes will run much faster thanks to it.

Backpack Improvements

  • Manage emotes, preview an emote
  • Wearables in new categories
  • Filtering linked wearables and sorting, display complete wearable information, 3D previews of items

Better POAP integration

  • As badges and achievements, use POAP tokens.
  • Check out your POAP collection and highlight your favorites to put on your profile.
  • It’s easier for creators to distribute POAPs at scenes and events.


Guilds / Groups

Have you found a group of trusted virtual friends? You can formalize your relationship by creating a DAO-based Guild. This feature allows groups to create a new model of guilds within Decentraland.

Ambassadors Program

Take a personal tour with one our community ambassadors if this is your first visit to Decentraland. This feature will make newcomers feel at home and help them get to know the country and other places.

Change the materials of a 3D model in a scene

This request has been made many times by developers: They want to be able switch the material on a 3D model without having to replace the entire model. Although developers have much control over the properties and shapes of the SDK-created materials, they cannot be used to create primitive forms.

Today, the mesh and material of a 3D model are treated together as one black box. Developers cannot mix and match properties or modify them. This allows you to quickly change the materials of your character so it can blink or show closed eyes. You can also combine the same mesh with other materials to make scenes easier to load and run.

Ask friends to teleport to your location.

You are having fun and wish your friends could be there to enjoy the same. You can message your friends to ask them to teleport to you.

In-World Trading

Have you ever wanted to buy a friend’s fancy cap? This feature allows you to trade with your friends around the globe.


The team is well aware of the importance of moderation in the community and is committed to making Decentraland safe and enjoyable for all. The DAO will be improved to reduce friction and the impact it has on the running of code.

Localization in other languages

Decentraland is open to all, and we will soon be able to take onboard languages from far and near to help newcomers.

Companion App

You miss out on what’s happening in the world even though you aren’t there. Decentraland is a social experiment. You will receive push notifications when something happens in the game, chat with your friends, and explore other player profiles.

Native and VR world Explorer

Unity3D allows easy export to a variety of platforms including VR. Enjoy the full virtual reality Decentraland experience.

Final Thoughts

The Decentraland platform continues to improve its features. UGC smart wearables are also included on the platform. The platform is also set up to release chat, privacy, and friend improvement features. Decentraland users can also access the VR world explorer native to Decentraland in the future. The next Decentraland releases will include localization to other languages. Decentraland has grown to be the most metaverse-related cryptocurrency due to its decentralized expansion.


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