SEO, Every con-artist’s favourite profession.


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Every con-artist’s favorite profession, SEO. It’s a cryptic profession with widely accepted practices, many of which are based on misleading information from Google and self-proclaimed experts. Stay with me, and I’ll explain the dos and don’ts that separate the haves and have nots in organic traffic.

This mysterious niche, coined Search Engine Optimisation, is continuously under attack by changes in competition, Google updates, and bugs in Search engine algorithms. It’s a space you can’t get a degree or study for. Why might you ask? Because what you know today could change completely tomorrow. So how do you keep up to date with what’s being rewarded and whats being penalized on Google and other search engines? A simple 4 step process:

  1. Hypothesize
  2. Test
  3. Record results
  4. Repeat after X (whereby X is a period or movement on SERP, which triggers the test).

If you can do that and never let the constant changes in competition, algorithm updates, and bugs beat you down, the only time you’ll ever need to ask yourself this question again, will be when you are hypothesizing. Think about it, the people that are exploiting bugs, weaknesses identified, and high performing data points, don’t advertise that information to the competition. So stop looking for the general information and start testing. 

A couple of signs that you are heading in the right direction are that:

  • You start questioning the data which different tools give you.
  • You start identifying data points that influence search results.
  • You start split testing.
  • You start keeping information to yourself.

That’s the best advice I can offer, as Co-founder at Gainchanger I got fed up of running all of the tasks related to SEO exploits I discovered and decided to turn SEO data point rewards into a science. And, together with some of the smartest technical and commercial minds, created the perfect tool. We don’t work with just anyone and are now privileged enough always to have the answer to this question. 


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