How to Buy Land in Decentraland?


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Decentraland is a blockchain project that allows users to purchase virtual land parcels using cryptocurrency. Decentraland users can not only buy land, but they also have the ability to host events and play games. OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, or Decentraland’s official Marketplace allow anyone to buy, rent, or sell land on Decentraland. As true proof of ownership, all transactions are saved on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that if you purchase and own a land token, it is officially yours. Each Decentraland token is assigned unique coordinates that represent a particular location on the Decentraland map.

Steps to Purchase Land in Decentraland

Official Decentraland marketplace allows you to purchase land with MANA. However, through OpenSea Marketplace, you can buy with Ethereum or MANA. The MANA coin is required to buy land. You can purchase the coin on major exchanges such as Binance. Metamask is needed to store the coin in a wallet if you wish to purchase land in Decentraland.

Approach 1: Decentraland’s Marketplace

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign in to Decentraland’s Marketplace to create an account or sign up. After you have signed in, click on “Parcels & Estates” and then “View All.”

Step 2: Choose a parcel of LAND

Next, browse the available land parcels and choose your preferred land. You can view the surrounding areas and be within walking distance of famous places by buying land in Decentraland from the market. After you’ve selected your virtual piece of land, click on it to learn more about it. You will find the MANA price, availability and name of the owner. To make the purchase, tap on “Buy”.

Step 3: Connect your wallet with the Decentraland Marketplace

You will need to make sure that your wallet is connected with your account in order to complete the purchase. Once the purchase is completed successfully, the land will be sent as an NFT to your wallet.

You can download wallets like Trust Wallet and MetaMask if you don’t already have a supported wallet. Your preferred wallet must have sufficient MANA (or ETH) to allow you to make the purchase.

You will also need tokens to pay the gas fee.

Step 4: Confirm the virtual LAND

After the purchase is completed, you will be able to confirm your LAND in your wallet. Trust Wallet users can confirm their identity under ‘Collectibles’ and ‘NFTs’ tabs in the MetaMask wallet. Each piece of LAND in Decentraland measures 16 m x 16 m and is represented as an NFT.Decentraland has a maximum of 90,000 pieces of land. This helps to create scarcity.

Approach 2: Using OpenSea

OpenSea is a trusted third-party platform that allows you to buy land parcels in Decentraland. OpenSea, which is an intermediary marketplace, allows you to collect various types of NFTs including parcels from Decentraland.

Step 1 – OpenSea

OpenSea allows you to purchase parcels in Decentraland with MANA, Ether or other cryptocurrency.

Step 2 – Connect your wallet to OpenSea account

OpenSea requires you to have an account in order to purchase Parcel in Decentraland. Once you have created an account, connect your wallet to the account. Follow the simple steps on the website. You can create an account in just a few seconds.

Step 3: Select the Land

After your account has been created and linked to a crypto wallet that has enough Ether or MANA to cover your purchase, you will be able look at the OpenSea collection. You have the option to filter your search, making it easier and more efficient. A third-party marketplace allows buyers to find sales, discounts, auctions and other deals.

Step 4: Purchase the Land

Once you have selected a parcel to purchase, click on the “Buy Now” option. You will be taken to OpenSea’s wallet. The transaction can be finalized by buyers and the item will be shipped to their wallet.

Final Thoughts

These were the steps for buying land in Decentraland. The Decentraland marketplace allows you to purchase a parcel directly. Potential buyers can also view every detail about the parcel, including the area surrounding it and its proximity to other popular areas. OpenSea doesn’t provide any descriptive information, but it does show the location of the parcel on a Decentraland Map. Both of these have extraordinary security. So, go ahead and choose any one of the approaches mentioned in this article and purchase your first land in Decentraland.


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