Best land to buy in the metaverse


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The cryptocurrency world is abuzz about Metaverse. Metaverse is a metaverse that exists in between virtual and physical reality. Real-world geolocations on a map are used to create digital virtual environments. These environments are easily customized and can be purchased, sold, or bought.

The Metaverse is essentially a parallel universe that extends the real world. Individuals can create and modify their avatars to become whatever they wish and then perform real-life tasks like buying and selling assets, gaming, and socializing. Although it can be a difficult step, buying virtual land in Metaverse can be a rewarding experience. This article will discuss the best land to buy in Metaverse.

But before that, let me tell you what a virtual land is briefly.

What is a Virtual Land?

NFT land can be a plot of digital space that is available for purchase in a metaverse project. The Non-Fungible Token owner (NFT) can use the land for a variety of purposes, or simply for speculation. A metaverse project typically divides its map into smaller areas, and then sells them in one or more land offerings. Although payments are typically made in cryptocurrency, some projects accept fiat.

The space is usually available to visitors and the owner once it has been purchased. It is easy to prove ownership and authenticity of the digital assets, as they are NFTs. The land owner can either sell it on the secondary market through a third-party exchange, or through the metaverse ecosystem. Decentraland buyers can build whatever they like on their plots. Many people want to earn money trading services and goods in their own virtual currency. Investors can buy land plots in virtual worlds and strong communities increase desirability.

Below are some of the best lands to buy in metaverse.

Decentralization (MANA)

Decentraland, a software that runs on Ethereum, aims to encourage a global network to run a shared virtual universe. Users of Decentraland can sell and buy digital real estate while also exploring, interacting, and playing in this virtual world. To verify ownership of items and land in the game, the project uses the ERC-721 standard. This standard is used to verify ownership of non-fungible tokens.

MANA is Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency. MANA is a digital currency that can be used to vote in the Decentraland DAO. MANA can be traded or sold on the Decentraland Marketplace. LAND is a non-fungible token which represents plots of land owned and managed by members of the community. It is similar to MANA and provides voting power in Decentraland’s governance protocol. LAND can be stored in the DAO, but it doesn’t have to be. It provides two thousand votes for each LAND token. Players can link multiple plots together to create an Estate token with the same voting power as the plots.

Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox Metaverse is composed of various digital pieces of non-fungible real property called Lands. Each land is an Ethereum-based ERC721 NFT asset. It can be purchased on The Sandbox Marketplace or at major NFT trading venues like Opensea. The Sandbox Metaverse consists of 166 464 lands. Game designers and platform users have the ability to use the land to create digital experiences like games, 3D dioramas, or even to populate them with assets tokens that can be customized and enhanced their Metaverse real property properties.

Multiple lands can be linked together to form estates. Or, they can be used to create a Sandbox District. One piece of LAND measures 96 meters in width and 96 meters in length. This makes it a square. To create an ESTATE, you can combine 1×1 LANDs adjacent to one another.

Regular land is highlighted in grey, while premium land is highlighted yellow. After clicking the “Buy”, you have successfully reserved the land. You will see the wallet and the SAND price and gas fees. To indicate that it is booked, the LAND will turn purple. Once the transaction has been verified via your wallet, it will be complete. The time it takes depends on the amount of gas you choose and any blockchain congestion. Once you have completed the task, the LAND will turn red to indicate that you own it.


Bit.Country allows anyone to create their own community. Bit country owners can establish their own rules and formats and bring or create tokens to encourage followers and contributors. Bit.Country will be available in two dimensions. The traditional web view will be used for content creation as well as for management purposes. It can be used to manage governance, residency, stake, services, marketplace, and other aspects. A 3D view will also be useful for running events or interacting with Bit.Country in a futuristic, “physicalized” way.

The Bit.Country founders envisioned a platform that would allow them to build new communities on Web 3.0, while still being driven by economics. Bit.Country seeks to create a virtual world that is decentralized, governed by the community, and using an open economy infrastructure and NFT protocol to make objects in the virtual universe usable. It also aims to provide a platform for user created Metaverses experiences.

The current total block supply is limited to 100,000 land blocks. However, future supply and inflation will be determined primarily by the governance of a general council. Each land block can be subdivided into a maximum of 100 units. Landowners will have mining power for bit assets which is the base material and the energy source of Bit.Country Metaverse.


My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice, a blockchain-powered multiplayer game, allows players to create their own virtual lands and interact with their neighbors. They can also earn rewards and do all sorts of social and daily activities. Anybody can buy a piece land and participate in farming, bug catching or beekeeping. Some quests can be done together while others require more competition. You can do social tasks and earn resources that you can use to build items. These can be used to decorate and build a house.

This project allows players to customize their land. Players can create their own home, garden, and farm. There will be around 100,000 land parcels. Everyone can enjoy My Neighbor Alice thanks to the possibility to rent land and the additions of public features. My Neighbor Alias allows players to design their own land with various items. Each item is an NFT. You will find plants, trees, buildings, and animals. A NFT creator software and game building software allow players to create unique experiences.

My Neighbor Alice has no direct competition at the moment, but there are many other blockchain-based builders games like Decentraland or The Sandbox. Decentraland is the most similar of these games, as it uses a similar system for segregating parcels of land that players can build on. Decentraland and My Neighbor Alice have a small amount of land available. As a result, the area will become less plentiful over time.



Cryptovoxels is a metaverse that uses the Ethereum blockchain. This virtual world is made up of real-life infrastructure such as roads, buildings, and lands. You can purchase land parcels and build structures on them. You can use Ethereum to buy land parcels. The Cryptovoxels’ parcel owners are those who purchase a piece of land. The parcel owners have the ability to add, remove, modify, and enhance their blocks. Your parcel can be made into a sandbox parcel, which allows anyone to add and remove blocks. You can add buttons, images, audio, video and voxel models to your parcel.

Nolan Consulting created Cryptovoxels. It was established on April 1, 2018. The Cryptovoxels project was created to create a metaverse online. The team took inspiration from A-FrameVR’s past work and created Cryptovoxels to realize the true potential of the virtual universe. Land ownership could be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC721 token.

Cryptovoxels owns an ERC20 token, Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA). CVPA, the NFT token representing a parcel or land, is what the name implies. ERC721 tokens are also used to represent user names and avatars on Cryptovoxels. Cryptovoxels has weekly auctions where you can buy CVPA. OpenSea, the official secondary marketplace for Cryptovoxels tokens, also allows you to buy Cryptovoxels tokens.

Final Thoughts

These are the top five land you can buy in Metaverse. Over the past few weeks, the Metaverse concept has been all over the internet. This sentiment was probably sparked by Facebook’s late October rebranding to Meta. Shortly thereafter, Mark opened up about his desire to create his own Metaverse environment. In a very short time, many VR and NFT tokens have seen incredible increases in value. Metaverse virtual real property might be one of the most undervalued and hot sectors in the space. Start exploring these top lands in the metaverse.


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