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DevOps is one of the most trending technologies currently in the tech space. Every organization is moving towards the adoption of DevOps because of the advantages it offers. And because of this growing trend, many software engineers are looking for good online resources such as blogs that will help them learn DevOps with ease. Currently, if you search DevOps on Google, you will find plenty of content available, you might get lost or confused. So, to help you out, I have consolidated the top DevOps blog platforms that will help you learn several concepts related to this technology. So, let’s get started.

Atlassian DevOps

There are many Atlassian products in the market that developers use daily, such as Bitbucket, Trello, Jira, confluence bamboo, etc. These products are capable of covering the complete DevOps ecosystem, which even includes the compliance standards. On this platform, you will be able to find multiple DevOps blogs on various topics such as how to build a DevOps culture in the organization, choosing the correct DevOps tools, DevOps tips, and DevSecOps, CI/CD integrations, compliance, and toolchains, etc.

It is a software company with various products to offer for software development, code quality collaboration, and project management. It also releases a newsletter bimonthly which includes a section off DevOps blogs. However, few of the content they produce on the DevOps are aligned towards the usage of their own products. The content they produce online includes various services from DevOps professionals.

DevOps Guys

This content platform on DevOps is run by James Smith, a Dev guy, and Steve Thair, an Ops guy, and together they cover everything ready to DevOps and DevOps culture. Whether it is about the DevOps tools or DevOps practices, all mechanics of DevOps are present on this platform. The blogs written by James and Steve are fun to read and easy to understand about what’s going on in the industry of DevOps.

Azure DevOps

In the past 3 years, Microsoft Azure has done many activities in the DevOps domain add they have been releasing a lot of content on DevOps recently. The step-by-step guides are available from DevOps best practices followed at Microsoft to each and every DevOps service they have introduced on their Microsoft Azure platform. They also have a Microsoft DevOps community where a lot of DevOps blogs and updates are shared. The content on this platform gets updated weekly with different themes, which helps its readers expand their DevOps knowledge.


Everyone IT guy knows about DZone as it is one of the best blogging platforms on technology. It is an educational hub for plenty of tech content which also includes DevOps. Matt Schmidt, Rick Ross founded DZone in 2015. Every topic on this platform is called as zone, currently, it has multiple latest technology zones such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOps, etc. They publish numerous articles in a day across different technologies. You will find many famous authors and DevOps engineers who have contributed to DevOps blogs on this platform. You can also be a guest blogger on this platform and publish blogs on DevOps from your experience. This platform has theory content as well as practical content on DevOps with best practices used in the industry.

As the name suggests, is totally focused on DevOps and is the go-to option for the DevOps community across the globe. On this platform, you will learn about many news, opinions, product reviews, new strategies, case studies, best practices, events from the industry veterans. And every week, Alan Shimel and a variety professional host a weekly podcast, DevOps Chat. This platform has multiple DevOps content if you want to get in-depth in this domain. In addition, they host multiple webinars in a month covering DevOps strategies and tactics like setting up a private cloud, automating deployment for enterprise-level businesses, etc. This platform also has a huge repository of free PDFs and eBooks, which you can download.

The XebiaLabs DevOps

XebiaLabs is an independent software company specializing in DevOps and continuous delivery for large enterprise organizations founded in 2018. This organization has amazing thought leadership, and most of its discussions are around continuous delivery and DevOps. Every week, they post many blogs on their portal, including in-depth technical discussions and blog series on DevOps topics. You can find many interesting points and tough questions related to DevOps.

BMC DevOps

BMC Your software company which delivers the software and services that enable over 10,000 global customers, including 84% of the Forbes Global 100. This company also has a portal with the DevOps category where you can find a wide range of high-quality articles. This platform covers several critical topics in DevOps such as continuous delivery and deployment, containerization, everything from code, best practices, and much more.


InfoWorld, the leading voice in emerging enterprise technology, is the go-to resource for developers, architects, and business leaders launching next-generation initiatives on scalable cloud platforms, where future-focused tech evolves continuously. This platform has some interesting articles on DevOps, which will help you keep updated with the latest industry trends. In addition, the forum covers multiple blogs on tips and tricks, recommendations, technical how-to blogs, etc.

DevOps Cube

DevOps Cube is another great online platform where you can learn DevOps from experts. This platform can help you get started with DevOps quickly if you are new to this domain, as it has everything you need to learn about DevOps. On this platform, you can find a lot of free tutorials, examples, trends on DevOps. This platform also covers a lot of articles on DevOps tools like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. Both beginner and experienced DevOps engineers will find plenty of relevant DevOps content that can be beneficial for them. This platform contains a variety of topics and content on DevOps, which covers multiple DevOps skills at different levels.


It is a software development company in Barcelona. Apiumhub DevOps blog section has multiple DevOps blogs from their in-house DevOps professionals as well as numerous other contributors. They have added multiple content to their blog platform in the past few months. You can find blogs on DevOps tools, automation techniques, continuous integration using Jenkins, containerization using Docker, and many more. This company has a good number of DevOps engineers who keep on posting DevOps blogs based on their experience.

The Agile Admin

The Agile admin has another blog platform which is run by sysadmins and developers Ernest Mueller, James Wickett, Karthik Gaekwad, and Peco Karayanev. They cover topics such as DevOps, infrastructure automation, open-source tools, cloud computing, agile, etc. They have plenty of content for beginners where they can start with essential topics such as introduction to DevOps and afterward dive deep into the complex technical subjects such as observability, monitoring, site reliability engineering, etc.

Capital One Tech

Capital One is a bank holding company in the United States. It has multiple software engineers with expertise in DevOps. The blogs available on their platform are enterprise-level, and a majority of them are related to their Capital One case studies. Through these blogs on Capital One, one can understand how they are using DevOps culture and DevOps tools for different use cases in their organizations, what kind of pipeline design they are using, how they handle end-to-end monitoring, etc.

Stackify DevOps

Stackify is another American-based software company that puts a lot of course end of store main. The platform covers a variety of topics such as DevOps implementation, DevOps adoption in the enterprise, security in software development, etc. It also has plenty of content for DevOps on the cloud covering AWS DevOps services, Azure DevOps services, Kubernetes, etc.

The Netflix Tech

This is another excellent platform with a lot of content showcasing how big enterprises apply DevOps principal and practices in their organizations. The blogs featured on Netflix tech written by their internal site reliability engineers, software engineers, data scientists, and DevOps engineers help the readers understand how technologies like DevOps are leveraged by one of the world’s biggest streaming services, Netflix. This platform has many technical DevOps blogs covering topics such as application monitoring and continuous delivery, Netflix incident management system, DevOps tools used at Netflix infrastructure, open-source tools used by Netflix, etc. The best part for the readers on this platform is they get all the technical and valuable experiences from the DevOps and engineering teams at Netflix.


Docker is the most popular tool in the DevOps and containerization community. And this docker blog platform is the best option for everyone to learn about Docker. It has a variety of blogs related to Docker, covering deploying applications with Docker, integrating Docker with many other tools, running Docker at scale, etc. This is the go-to resource for learning Docker from the beginning.

Final Thoughts

So that is one comprehensive list of the best DevOps blog platforms you can leverage to learn DevOps concepts. These platforms have a mix of theoretical and practical topics that will help you gain an end-to-end understanding of DevOps. So, choose any one of the platforms and start your DevOps journey today.


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