How to Mine Mana Coins ?


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You should research whether your Decentraland mining setup can actually make you any money before you decide to go ahead. The price of Decentraland can fluctuate, and the number of miners will also play a significant role in your chances to make a profit. Sometimes mining can seem too complicated for an average user. So, I decided to put together a quick guide to help you get started with mining cryptocurrency and Decentraland Mana.

What is MANA mining?

MANA is based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus process. This makes traditional mining impossible. Decentraland’s proof-of-stake system works by relying on the principle that blocks are randomly selected and validators. The stakes size in each validation are the best way to increase your chances of validators being chosen. The stake (or money deposit) in the block is a key factor in validating the block. It also helps to receive the transaction fees.

This system is more sensitive to the environment because it does not use a lot of energy or hardware. However, there are other ways to make money from Decentraland MANA and the platform’s assets. ASICs, which are unfortunately very expensive nowadays, would be the best hardware for mining. A GPU is not necessary for mining Decentraland with a computer. However, it can help you get a good start. You can see how much USD you can earn for each Mh/s hash rate by looking at mining profitability charts. These charts also include the electricity costs. The number of miners increases the mining difficulty. As a result, the demand for higher hash rates increases. The computing power that you use to mine new blocks is called your hash rate.

Let’s get started mining MANA on a PC.


Step 1: Get a Wallet

Decentraland uses Ethereum blockchain to track ownership of digital assets and trade objects. It is recommended that MANA use a wallet which supports ERC20. Metamask, Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet are good wallet options. The Public Receive Address is needed from the wallet (this is the address the pool uses to send you your money).

The below steps will allow you to obtain your Wallet Address in Decentraland MANA.

  • First, we need a wallet. Start a new browser and navigate to io. Next, download’s Chome. Install MetaMask Chrome to install the wallet.
  • After installation, click on the Metamask extension icon.
  • Click Get Started and then click Create A Wallet.
  • Enter your account password.
  • Keep track of the Secret Recovery Phrase. This will be needed to restore and backup your account.
  • By inserting the words in the right order, you can confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase.
  • Your wallet is now ready!
  • Copy the wallet address.


Step 2: Download the Unmineable Mining Software

Set folder exclusions in Windows Defender and in your browser before you download the file. This will ensure that you don’t get notified about dangerous files. This site contains official Unmineable software.

Download the MFI Version (Miners files also included).

Unmineable3 software is a single executable file that contains all configurations. It is therefore the easiest and best way to mine Decentraland Mana.

In Windows, run the file as an administrator.

You can choose between CPU and GPU cards.

Enter your Decentraland Address and the code that will allow you drop your Dev Fee to 1% to 0.75%. To drop your Dev Fee, use the code: e4xd–wmzl

Click the Start button.

Double-check a few things by clicking the Settings Icon

  • If you’re mining with 4GB cards, make sure you select ETCHASH. For cards with 6GB and more, you can use ETHASH. If you have selected CPU, everything is ready for you to start mining.
  • Referral box: Code e4xd–wmzl should be visible (Recommended, but not obligatory).
  • Name your worker (the computer that you are mining from).
  • For periods that you are not using your computer, set your mining intensity at the top. I recommend High for this purpose.

To start mining, click on the Save & Restart link!

After it starts, you can see the current Hashrate to check the speed of the Graphic card. You can also click the stats button at the top right of the page to go to Unmineable’s website, where you can view your balance or request a manual payment. It is recommended that you modify a few settings in Windows. You can disable Updates, disable hibernation, and disable sleeping mode. Make sure your Laptop has a battery or is plugged in so it doesn’t shut off.

Congratulations, you are now a miner!

Let me show you one more way to mine Mana.

Step 3: Download and configure the XMRig

If you are mining with CPU, you can follow the below link:

To download the latest version of MSVC, visit the xmrig website or the official github repository:

Once you download the latest version you would have to edit a file named “pool_mine_example.cmd” or “start.cmd” or “start.bat” Inside this file you need to modify 2 lines.

If the file isn’t there, you will need to create it. It could look something like this:


cd %dp0

xmrig.exe -o -u MANA:0xe7bfdcafc4d7135364bd173503070537cc592a61.wrkID#e4xd-wmzl -p x



The URL for the Pool is located in the second line, after the -o. Depending on where you are located, you will need to choose one of these URLs.






Next, enter your wallet’s public adress (copied in STEP 1), and place it after MANA, before the first “.”

The address must have the following structure:

[COIN]:[Wallet address]. [workerID]#[Code for a lower mining fee]

You can give any name to the workerID to each computer that is running the miner, so that it can be easily identified under the pool stats. It is important to include the code after the # because mining with that code will lower the Mining Fee from 1.5% to 0.75 (it does make a difference). Run start.cmd now as administrator. If all goes well, mining should begin.


Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you’re now a miner! I recommend that you download software to monitor your CPU and GPU’s running temperatures. A good, free program is Hardware Monitor. Do not exceed 90 degrees celsius. If you’re mining using a laptop, make sure to change the thermal paste on your CPU. Also, clean it inside and use heat extractors for laptops. You can get a lot of coins if you monitor the temperature of your computer. This will also depend on the hashrate and GPUs of your CPU or GPU.


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