How to become a .NET Developer ?

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If you are planning to learn .net and make great projects on it, you must know what skills are required to be an expert .NET developer. You can master these skills and technologies by practicing the code and make some projects on it.

What is .NET?

Microsoft introduced the first version of .NET framework in 2002 in the response of Java language that was gaining popularity among the developers. After the first release of .NET, Microsoft has made revolutionary changes in the framework including cross platform application development. It also provides access to third party software and system libraries, which a used to make advanced level applications. It is a mature platform with the support of 60 plus programming language.

Technical Skills Requirements

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an IDE from Microsoft to develop .net applications. It comes with the support of third party libraries and different extensions to support the development of an application. You can have an access of VS subscription according to the size of your team or company. Microsoft also provides free Community version to support the needs of application without going into higher specifications.

.NET Framework

.NET Framework is a software platform, which is used to build and run Windows application. It supports both desktop and web applications. You can produce libraries that are accessible to all the .net programs. Microsoft launched .NET Core, and it is a new version of .NET framework, which is an open-source, cross platform framework to develop applications for multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux and MAC OS.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework is an open-source Object Relational Mapping framework that provides the power of automated mechanism of generating classes for accessing and storing data. It has reduced the development effort and enables the developer to think more about the business logics, rather than focusing on the interaction with database. It also helps the developers to design the models and mapping of a database virtually.


Xamarin provides a cross platform implementation of mobile applications. You can share a 90 percent of code between IOS and Android. It is also an open source tool released in 2011. It is a cost effective technology to build cross platform applications and due to this, it has gained a lot of popularity in the present time.


Blazor is an open source and free web framework developed by Microsoft. It comes from a combination of Browser and Razor syntax.  It allows you to build rich and interactive user interfaces in web applications using C# instead of javascript. It runs C #code directly in the browser, provides the flexibility of using server side code on client side, and provides you to access and share C #code and the external libraries to develop Single Page Application (SPA) too. It is latest technology and does not require any additional plugins.

Soft Skills Requirements


Communication is the most powerful skill in becoming an expert in any profession. In software development, it is the most crucial skill that every developer must have and it should be a two-way communication. You must also be a good listener as it gives you better understanding of what other is up to.

Logical Thinking

A good developer is a good thinker. Programming is entirely based on the logical connections of a developer. You must understand the business scenarios and implements the logic carefully. You are going to face problems at some point of time, and you need to be look in every possible manner before providing a solution. Once you understand what actually the problem is, you can find the solution easily.


In every profession, you need to have patience to achieve your goals. Software development is also a complex process, starting from an idea to delivering a product to the user. Every activity requires time and you must not hurry and skip any phase. For example, you did not send your product to the quality assurance and hand over it to the user, this would bring a disaster if the user reports issues one after another and you are fixing it then.


Management applies to every person no matter whatever the designation is. Either you are at managerial position or a junior developer, you are managing a team of developers or you are managing a time, you must be able to manage your tasks within the deadline. If you do not give full attention to the assigned task, the time will be increased and you end up in not finishing the task within the deadlines, thus affecting the whole project and the team.

Benefits of .NET

  • It allows you to reuse the programming code to decrease the time and effort in writing the same code again in an application
  • It allows you to write code in one language that is accessible to other languages of .NET Framework
  • It allows you to keep the different versions and resolve the conflicts on the same machine and merge the code by another developer
  • It provides a powerful tool of Intellisense to resolve complete time application errors
  • It automatically manages the memory consumption used by an application and release the unused memory to speed up the performance via Garbage Collector
  • It is easy to learn and has a great technical support of Microsoft community over the internet if you get stuck in any issue

Final Thoughts

.NET is a software development framework that is used to create various types of applications. With the continuous development of new tools and technologies by Microsoft, .NET is always in high demand in the market. In every profession, you must give time and dedication to your work and if you are new in the field, it requires more effort in the beginning but by giving consistent efforts and dedicated time. The future of .NET developers looks promising as it is still considered as one of the best platform to build web services, web applications, and desktop including cross platform mobile applications.


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