ClickUp vs Trello. Head to head comparison


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There is no fixed manual in the IT world that every team or individual can follow. We do have a variety of adaptable and effective best practices, procedures and tools to help us manage this crisis. Project management is one of them. It can help individuals, businesses, and organizations in their assessment, analysis and evaluation of the crisis impact and response. Trello and ClickUp, two free project management software programs, are available to us. This article will focus on ClickUp and Trello and their key differences.

What is Trello?

Trello is project management software that can be used by small and large businesses. Trello cards and board lists allow you to plan and prioritize your projects in an easy, flexible and rewarding manner. Trello allows you to plan, organize, and track your projects. Trello project boards can include tasks lists, progress lists and workflow lists. Trello cards let you manage your conversations, add attachments and due dates, and get into the details. The best part is that Trello’s workflow automation can help you increase productivity across your entire team.

Trello is a team collaboration and project management tool. Trello looks similar to a board with sticky note notes. Projects and tasks can be organized in columns so that they can be moved around to show status, ownership and workflow. Trello’s simplicity is what has made it so popular. Trello is simpler than traditional project management tools. They are meant for professionals and require complex techniques such as Gantt charts. Trello, however, emphasizes simplicity. Most people can understand the basics of Trello in minutes. You can use it either alone or with a team of people within one day. Trello is still powerful. Trello is powerful because tasks can include rich information such as images and attachments. They can also be assigned deadlines or other status tracking data. Notes are also possible in tasks. This allows team members to keep track of progress and can be flagged for follow-up.

Trello can be used right away after you sign up. Trello allows you to sign up for a free account and then get access to almost all its features. Although it is a premium service, most of the essential features are accessible with the free option. Trello uses the Kanban method, which is a widely used methodology for lean management. Trello can help you achieve lean. It’s mobile-friendly. Trello’s interface is very similar to a mobile app and very user-friendly. The mobile app is very popular and offers the same features as the desktop application. All project-related information can be viewed on one page. It is simple to add new members, create issues, and assign them. There are many other features that Trello provides.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a top-rated productivity platform for freelancers and businesses. ClickUp is used by big companies like Google, and San Diego Padres as a tool for workplace productivity. ClickUp is available in a variety of formats: ClickUp can be used as a desktop app, mobile app, smartphone app or Chrome extension. It also supports voice assistants and email add-ons. These are the core functions of the ClickUp app.

  • Process management
  • Task management
  • Time management
  • Integrations with third-party apps
  • Workspace customization complete
  • Collaboration and reporting by teams
  • ClickUp to take proprietary actions

ClickUp’s core mission is to eliminate frustrations, inefficiencies and disconnects that are caused by current project management software. ClickUp will help you save time and make you more productive. ClickUp creators believe that you shouldn’t have to do two clicks when you can just do one. When you can use just one platform and solution, there is no reason to have to use them all. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every team and every project is unique. The “Free Forever” plan includes 100MB storage, unlimited members, unlimited tasks, and unlimited attachments.

ClickUp has all the features that you need to streamline and simplify your sales, marketing and development processes. ClickUp provides an agile board view that allows you to see all tasks in your team and assign them to different people. You can see the task progress in percentages, and mark it as in progress, resolved or customized. You can see the task status and charts in real time and make updates. ClickUp makes it easy to organize your task management in an organized manner and assign tasks according to priority. This will allow you to increase productivity by organizing your tasks into groups and arranging them under different categories. ClickUp can be easily integrated with other popular tools to extend its capabilities.

ClickUp vs Trello: Key Features

Task Management and Tracking

Trello makes it simple to invite team members to join a board. To invite someone, you can search for a user’s name or enter their email address. Drag and drop members from the top menu to create a card. Or, open a card and add them using the menu on right. To track the progress of tasks, you can use the board menu to search for a card or team member. You can directly notify a team member using @-mention to send a message or ask a question within a card. To notify all card members or boards, use @card or @board

ClickUp provides several options for viewing your tasks. You can sort, filter, group and customize columns in list view. A default view can be set so that everyone sees the most important tasks at all times. To quickly see how projects or tasks are progressing, group tasks together. Calculate sums, averages and ranges if you have numeric fields. To share this information with non-registered users, export it all.

Flexible Workflow

Trello is a free, highly customizable project management platform. You can either start from scratch to create your boards, lists, cards, or choose from a variety of templates such as business, design and education.

ClickUp allows you to customize the statuses in your project workflow, so you can track work efficiently. Choose from pre-selected statuses, or create your own. To signify the completion of a task, you can turn an important task into milestones. It also supports Gantt, list, and calendar views. You can drag and drop tasks from one column to another.

Automation and Integration

Trello comes with an automation tool called Butler. When you drag a card from a Done List to it, it will automatically add due dates and checklist items. Power-Ups allow you to integrate with other apps or services.

ClickUp automations allow you to create combinations of triggers or actions that will help you manage repetitive actions. You can either choose from a variety of templates or make your own automation when you add it. There are integrations available to more than 20 apps, including communication apps, developer tools and file management services. You can also integrate it with email, calendars, email, and many other apps. It can also be connected to Integromat, Zapier, and its own API.


ClickUp provides a lifetime free plan, which is great for personal use. It offers 100MB storage, unlimited tasks and unlimited members, two factor authentication, collaborative documents as well as real-time chat, email, Kanban boards, sprint management. Native time tracking and in-app video recording are some of the other features. For small teams, it offers a monthly plan at 5$, for mid-sized teams 9$ per business plan, and for large teams it offers a monthly business plan at 19$ per business plus.

Trello pricing has 4 options – Free, Standard, Premium, Enterprise. The free tier of Trello is a lot useful for small teams as they can use it indefinitely. The standard level starts with 5$ per user per month for teams that need to manage more work and scale collaboration. The premium tier starts with 10$ per user per month, which is best for teams up to 100 that need to track multiple projects and visualize work in a variety of ways. The enterprise version starts with 17.50$ per user per month for organizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls.

Core Features

ClickUp’s core features are listed below:

  • Process management
  • Task management
  • Time management
  • Integrations with third party apps
  • Complete customization of workspace
  • Teams can collaborate and report together
  • ClickUp to perform proprietary actions
  • Priorities for Tasks
  • Notifications
  • Goals and targets
  • Dashboard to manage tasks and assignees.
  • Time and task tracker

Here are the core features and functions of Trello:

  • A quick overview of the Front/Back Cards
  • Drag-and-Drop editing is easy
  • Data filters
  • Automated email notifications
  • Assignments for individuals or groups
  • Mobile-Friendly Views
  • Easy organization with labels, tags, and comments
  • Activity logs
  • Developer API
  • Assignments for individuals or groups

Which one should you choose, ClickUp or Trello?

ClickUp and Trello both offer premium and free plans. You can also try them both to get an authentic user experience. Trello is easy to set up and templates are great for helping teams of any size get started. It has a high up-time rate, great mobile apps and regular updates with new features. ClickUp is customizable and offers many features to suit all sizes and types of teams. It is able to accommodate many different applications and preferences for team’s work. Sometimes, the flexibility can overwhelm non-technical users.

Final Thoughts

This was all about ClickUp and Trello, as well as their key differences. ClickUp is described by developers as “a cloud-based collaboration tool and project management platform”. You can create tasks and assign comments to members of a team or group of members. You can mark comments and tasks as in progress or resolved, or you can create custom statuses. Trello, on the other hand, is a detailed tool that allows you to see your entire project in one place. Trello, a collaboration tool, organizes your projects into boards. Trello gives you a quick overview of what’s happening, who’s doing what and where it is in the process. Both tools are very popular and can be used to manage projects effectively. ClickUp or Trello are the best tools for you.



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