Backup and Restore of Virtual Machines on Azure


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Setting up a VM backup

Creating the VM on the cloud does not protect you from the corruption of the hardware running your VM.

It is important that all production machines are properly backed up, as your business may depend on it.

Azure backup is done through creation of a Recovery Service Vault. This is a container that manages backups of resources within a specific region

Important to note that you cannot backup VM’s from one region to a Recovery Services vault in another region. So, for every Azure region that has VM’s to be backed up, at least one Recovery Services vault must exist in that region.

The following is the steps required to create a Recovery Services Vault and adding a vm to a backup schedule.

  • Find the service from the list of services

  • Add a new instance of Recovery Service Vault

The following information is required.

  1. Name of the the vault.
  2. Subscription that will be billed for the backup.
  3. Resource group container.
  4. Region were the service vault will be located.

  • Create the backup

Select were want to run the workload. In this case default azure and the type of backup, which is virtual machine

  • Specify the backup schedule.

This defines when the backup is done and the retention period of the snapshots. Azure provides a default backup schedule. You can create a new schedule if it does not meet your specifications.


  • Specify the vms you wish to backup

And you are done !!!!. Important to note that the backup will execute at the schedule timeout. If you want immediate protection you can force the backup to be executed immediately. It will also give you piece of mind that the backup is working correctly.


Restoring a VM from a restore point

Recovery of a vm to a specific snapshot is a very easy process. Don’t forget that they are segregated per resource group and region.

Select the backup items. Select the time to which you want to revert the vm and you are done !!!.



Hope this tutorial was helpful. If you need assistance or consultancy to setup your projects on Azure please feel free to contact me on [email protected].


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