What is AWS CCP and how to nail this certification?

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Everything nowadays is moved to the cloud, running on the cloud, or is stored in the cloud. Hence, the demand for certified cloud practitioners is increasing across all sectors of the economy, and it has now become an essential skill that you need to make it in the IT industry. AWS is the most popular cloud certification available as of today, and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the start to AWS certifications. In this blog we will cover the details o AWS CCP.

What is AWS CCP?

AWS CCP stands for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. It is the ideal first step towards AWS certifications. The cloud practitioner certification demonstrates that you have an overall understanding of the AWS cloud, including key concepts in AWS global infrastructure, key services, architectural principles, security measures and more. To get certified, you need to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. 

Below are the abilities that are evaluated by this certification:

  • It is geared towards non-technical roles, which requires only a higher level of discussion on AWS. 
  • This certification really tests your ability to understand AWS as a solution provider. 
  • It is also mean to demonstrate your ability to really understand the cloud value proposition, what is it that we get from the cloud. It is not about just cost saving but also flexibility, agility, time to market, etc.
  • It tests your knowledge on AWS infrastructure like regions, availability zones, edge locations, etc.
  • This certification will also require you to have a high-level understanding of AWS architecture design principles.
  • It will test your knowledge of the services offered by AWS and their use-cases, not on an in-depth technical level
  • It will test your ability to understand the security of the cloud and in the cloud. 
  • You need to have knowledge on pricing, billing and account management of AWS.
  • You should know about the sources of documentation and support options.
  • You should understand deployment and operations in the AWS cloud.


Who is this certification for?

People are often confused they should try this certification or not, whether this certification will be useful in their career. So, in this section, I will address a few questions that you all might have about the AWS CCP or the AWS certified cloud practitioner to determine whether it’s the right certification for you. 

AWS CCP is all about the foundational Knowledge and what that means is that it can show stakeholders that you know your way around the AWS console, you know the general offerings from AWS. This certification is like a light version of the AWS solutions architect associate, which is another certification offered by AWS. But AWS CCP has some very unique offerings which no other certification on the AWS platform have, it has a strong focus on billing and business-centric concepts and that is why it makes a lot of sense why a lot of people who try to obtain the AWS CCP are in sales or management because it’s going to give them the knowledge to help inform stakeholders and business leaders the reasons as to why they should use AWS.


Why should you get this certification?

Firstly, it’s one of the easiest AWD certifications out there, so if not anything, it should definitely give you a confidence boost. It basically adds to your certification count superficially, if that’s something your companies care about and that is why you don’t see a lot of developers doing this certification. 

The second thing is it gets you familiar with your test and its environment. Now, if you’re somebody that aspires to take the AWS solutions architect associate exam, you wouldn’t want that to be your first exam because it could prove to be pretty hard in an unfamiliar environment. But like we discussed before, this is a way simpler exam to approach. After succeeding in the AWS CCP, you could definitely proceed to prepare for the solutions architect associate or any other advanced certification.


AWS CCP Certification Exam Details 

  • Now you can take this exam in person at a test centre or online through a proctored exam. 
  • The cost of this examination is 100 US dollars and it is the most inexpensive of all the certifications in the AWS suite. 
  • Its duration is 90 minutes, but it shouldn’t take you that long to finish your exam. So, optimize your time and make sure you review all your answers before you submit them. 
  • There will be 65 questions for you to answer, and the passing score is 70, which is quite a hard number. 
  • Once you get certified, the certificate is valid for three years.


How long would it take to prepare for this exam?

If you are a developer you’re already working in the industry, you can pass this exam in less than a week. You need about eight hours of structured practice, and that should do it for you. 

If you are a boot camp graduate, I would recommend about 15 hours, which is equivalent to a week and a half of studying and practice if you spend 1-2 hours every day and you shall be good to go. 

Finally, if you’re from a sales and management background, you probably do not have a lot of developer experience or experience with the cloud infrastructure. So we’re looking at about 20 hours of study. But once you get a grasp of the concepts, it should be fairly easy for you to crack this examination and it’s not really a huge time requirement. 

These numbers are just to give you an idea of the rough amount of time you need to put in to prepare for this examination.

So, there you go, hopefully, this answers all the questions that you have had about the AWS certified cloud practitioner certification.


Learning resources for AWS CCP

Here are a few popular courses that have been created in order to help you crack the AWS CCP certification in your first go.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Training


Check out other AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner courses here.

Final Thoughts

That what all about AWS certified cloud practitioner certification. Now you know what it is, who should go for it, why you should get certified in it, what is validated by this certification the exam details. So, prepare for the certification exam well to score 70 marks in it to earn the AWS certified cloud practitioner certification. This is the first step towards AWS certification, so go ahead and bag your first AWS certification.


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